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Halloween HAZE

2014.10.25(sat) 21:00- @FREEDOM
Charge - 3,000yen(Nomihodai - 21:00~1:00) / Charge after Nomihodai 1,000yen(with 1 drink)
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/284385438437306/

DJ/Dance/Nomihodai Party

Midnight Costume Contest
**Prize- PEI bar tab
・1st place - 10,000
・2nd place - 5,000
・3rd place - 3,000

For those who'd like to get some air, sit down, and relax from the party, PEI Pub will be open from 20:00~6:00. looking forward to seeing you all!

ジャンル : Dance, Hip Hop, EDM, etc... 内容 : DJ

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